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Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

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Review by Mahendra


I was looking for a hotel at Jaisalmer listed under the category of the best hotels. One of my friends suggested contacting this hotel to get the best services from the hotel. He was absolutely right as I had experienced it by myself. In Jaisalmer, I would recommend Hotels Prince to everyone.

Review by Nikhil Dinkar Ghodake


After deciding the place of vacation, we thought of booking a decent hotel for our stay beforehand. So, we searched out different hotels and selected this hotel in Jaisalmer. Though it was the peak season, but we got the best deal in comparison to other hotels. Also, our stay was very comfortable and worth remembering.

Review by S K DAS


I was looking for a good hotel at Jaisalmer that can provide a blissful experience. Thankfully, I found this hotel. I and my family were totally satisfied with this hotel. We liked its services as well as hospitality of its staff. The amenities and the taste of the food provided by the hotel were amazing. I must recommend this hotel to everyone.

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